Monday, March 10, 2014


Well it looks like we're going FCL, for those of you who don't know that's Full Container Load.
It'll take anywhere from 24 days to a month and a half for our container to hit Ecuador.

Yep one of those huge 20' metal containers, we were looking at sharing a container, getting 7'x4'x7' wooden crates (2) but for a mere $1000 more we can have the whole container and not have to cut so drastically. We did that when we moved from  Boise, and it was fine, we knew we could go to Walmart and replace everything we left behind, but moving to South America is MUCH different. Electronics are expensive, so we knew we had to ship the tvs and computers, and clothing, bedding, towels and such aren't the same quality, (according to the blogs) so we want to take our sheets and towels. We have to take clothes in multiple sizes because when we start walking on the beach everyday and eating fresh we will loose weight ;) I also read that Christmas decorations are expensive so we will want to ship those. Maybe sell the snowman collection, and pare down.
Things are moving along. The weather is finally turning to spring, and we will start the process of sorting things. Will talk to the neighbors about advertising " multi-family" yard sale, and will shoot for mid April, then another in May if needed. Off to get new passport photos, so we can have those renewed, they don't expire for a year, but better to have them fresh. We look so different anyway, an updated photo is probably a good thing. Lunch, and a walk through the Botanical garden, good day. Hope you're having a good one too, stay tuned loved ones...the adventure continues!

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