Thursday, March 27, 2014

Traveler or tourist?

I recently happened across a blog written by a couple from Texas, whose story is eerily similar to ours, they decided to "retire" in CostaRica, and it has been fun to read adventures of those not in Ecuador. http// The topic came up of "tourist vs traveler" and by traveler, I don't mean Pikeys or seems that a tourist is one who goes to exotic places, but is always comparing them to "home" and actually can't wait to get back to their life, where a traveler is one who thrives in those exotic places, and calls wherever they are "home".

A traveler really wants to live the authentic life of the culture they are visiting, whether the visit is short or long term, immersion is part of the experience. A traveler is not content with just getting pretty pictures, they seek adventure, something entirely different than what they perhaps grew up with. As we continue to prepare, we are realizing so much of this journey simply can't be prepared for...I can only control so much via internet, some of the next steps just can't happen til we land on Ecuadorean soil. We are trying not to "fear the unknown" but have faith that it will all come together in the end, it has before! We knew very little about North Carolina when we made the trek across country from Idaho back in 2006, sure we knew the language...actually scratch that, turns out we really didn't know the language lol! But we learned, we adapted, we grew and we experienced. In short, we immersed ourselves in the new environment and thrived. We KNOW we can do it again!

We are so excited for our next big adventure, dreaming of the vacation possibilities while living on the coast of Ecuador. Peru and Machu Pichu? Brazil for Carnivale? Costa Rica to visit fellow bloggers? If you have the desire, the possibilities are endless, the first thing you have to do is figure out

Are you a Tourist or are you a Traveler?

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