Monday, November 2, 2015

Local wildlife

There have been several stories these past couple weeks about turtles. It seems to be turtle egg laying season, and we do have a nest of eggs nearby, there's just not much to see at the moment. But down San Clemente way (which is really North) another story, they found an injured turtle on the beach. The volunteer lifeguards got involved and called in the Manabi "wildlife rescue".

Until the rescue people could come see, they borrowed the umbrella to shade the turtle. It apparently had an injury on one of its front fins.

Here after it was taken to their "office". Other than the injury, the turtle was healthy. He will have surgery and be released after he's healed.

Then last week...

We don't see sea lion here, not sure if this little guy got caught up in that hurricane or what, but here it was, again in San Clemente. (After doing some research, we do have sea lion here, South American Sea lion, often called sea wolf, Lobo de Mar. They live in small groups. This guy is a juvenile)

Here is the "office", the sea lion was transported to and looked over.

He too was given a clean bill of health and will be reintroduced to the ocean soon. While there, they checked in on the turtle, and found him doing well after surgery, he will be reintroduced in the coming weeks.

Pictures from Facebook, the blue footed boobies are often not healthy when we see them. You can tell their malnourishment by the color of their feet. Not sure what this story was, because these guys look good, according to their feet.

The ocean and sand has made us another lake, and the "other local wildlife" have been enjoying it daily. These boys are here from around 3pm til sunset, they have made nets and outfitted those nets with buoys made out of styrofoam. 

At times they walk thru the water with the nets in the water, then they stop and bring the nets back onto the boat, checking for the "big catch" I'd love to make them little fish, hmmm I'll think on that.

The boat, complete with motor.

I enlarged this one, so you can kinda see the nets piled up on the other boys boat. Now that we know they want to show off their handiwork, we will try to get better photos. The other night they had boat rollers lashed together and had them all decked out, they definatly pay attention, and try to repeat every detail. So fun to watch. (We love that they aren't playing on a Gameboy or similar electronic device)

I guess I'll take a minute to talk about the survey post I did not long ago, I was disappointed I didnt get one single comment! but now have found out I had several people try to comment but nothing ever came thru, so thank you to the people who tried. I may do another one someday, but have Mike help. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues! 

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