Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Living on the coast of Ecuador is pretty least the weather is, I only know it's Thanksgiving and the end of November because we have calendars and Facebook! Now don't get me wrong I'm VERY THANKFUL, but I certainly dont need to gorge myself to prove it, mostly what Thansgiving signifies to me is that Christmas is literally right around the corner! Argh!!

I looked up Thanksgiving on Wikipedia and was going to do a whole post on it, but if y'all want to read it go ahead, lots of interesting info, just not really what I'm here for. (Regurgitating Wikipedia facts)

But, the Christmas being right around the corner is what I'm anxious for! I've been making ornaments and decorations for months, and finally made it to the Welder yesterday and should have my tree form ready this afternoon! I knew it wouldn't take long once I gave him my instructions, and in what used to be tradition, we can decorate the tree the day after Thanksgiving! 

Rather than tell you what I've been doing, I'll just wait and show you in the next post. Mike did some lighting projects for our outdoor room, and like usual I've been crafting. Morning beach walks this week, as its low tide, and we found a new lunch place yesterday across the street from the welder. 

Hope you all have an enjoyable day, whether you are having Thanksgiving feasts or not. Eat well, be safe and tell the people who are important to you, just that! And of course, stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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