Friday, November 20, 2015

Build it, and they will come

Sunday was my first day in my new studio, and I got a lot of attention. The beach was quite crowded, and people who vacation here often saw the new shade structure and stopped to gawk, then they saw me painting, and...

This is Francis, he's eight, and the son of Junior, captain of the Bricela boat. He came to see what I was doing, and before I knew it, he was asking if he could come over the fence and paint too. (How could I resist that face?)

He had to leave for lunch, and wanted to come back, which he did, but by that time I was done and ready for lunch of my own...but we said another day, more painting.

Shadrach not horribly impressed, his look says "Mama I'm BORED"...

The "Art gallery" is coming along, works in progress, and room to grow.

We've had more visitors since this roof went up, boys wanting to play, neighbors needing to escape crazy lives, new truly is an outdoor room, and getting lots of use!

A recent piece given to our friends down at La Boca, gosh is it really almost Christmas?! But it's 80F degrees!?!!!

Today's agenda: craft a little, fruit truck in town, after lunch beach walk, nap? Sunset. Tranquilo just like I like it. Gotta rest up, because tomorrow we are invited to a birthday party pig roast with the fishermen families! Stay tuned, the adventure continues...

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