Monday, July 6, 2015

Rest In Peace

We've had a sad couple of days here, on Friday we got word that Mike's Dad had a stroke which left him with bleeding in the brain. Diagnosis from the neurosurgeon said surgery was futile, and at 82 years old, we knew he was too old to die Mike's mom and sister took him off the ventilator and at 9:10pm Saturday the 4th, as fireworks were no doubt going full bore, Gary Keith Adams left us.

Here he is with our two "big dogs" back in 2008, they are reunited I'm sure, eating his famous sugar cookies and rolled up lunch meat! (Gary was a bad influence, but all the grandkids loved it!)

We also mourn the passing of our iPhone, having pictures make this blog thing so much easier...I researched high tides, and aguaje (big waves with high tides) but it all sounded so boring, and without pictures to document it seemed pointless. I'll get back in the groove, til then here are a couple finished projects.

Driftwood mirror made for Marty's birthday

Necklace, for me...Tagua starfish was a keychain

And a suncatcher, from blue plastic bottle and beads.

As we remember, mourn and reflect, the adventure does stay tuned!


  1. So sorry for your loss. The loss of a parent is never easy.

  2. This is a horrible event in anyone's life losing family. Hope you are coping ok Mike