Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Photo Album

This post is random pictures from the Camera, nothing I could make into a whole blog...

 So many starfish the other day...we love this colander for walks.

Back when there was so much debris, we found this. We got such a chuckle, thinking of our friend the fishermen with one leg, Ramon. Before I knew his name I referred to him as "peg leg" and even joked with him, asking if he lost it to a shark, he laughed said yes, then told me the real story, traffico, 20 anos ago.

Mike and Joffre being silly at the cascada, in Jama

A good picture of the boat parade back on St Pedro y St Pablo Festival. Top is getting lined up in front of our house, and bottom is down at La Boca as they head south to Crucita.

Full moon rising, it was AMAZING! Got the telescope out...WOW

Sharing this from our Ec resident Facebook page, this fish was caught locally, what a monster!

And this seems to be our motto most days...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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