Monday, July 27, 2015

Beach cleaning

Now that our sand has washed back on shore, our boats are able to park closer to the water, which let me see how much debris had accumulated just outside our gate. At one point I had started a pile, but in talking to Fernando Father Fisherman, he said if we moved our debris pile away from the house they would burn it, so the other morning while it was still shady I got to work. I had new work gloves from my birthday and used an empty crate to transport debris from the original pile to the new area. After I got most of the big pieces, I really needed another tool, I needed a I went next door to Vecino and in sign language asked if I could borrow his rake. (My sign language was using 3 of my fingers to make the raking motion, it worked!)

This is a picture of the rake he gave me to use, of course it worked great! Totally got the job done, and my little stretch of "front yard" is clean and pretty.

A couple more boats have moved, so I need to get back out and clean where they had been parked, but I dont need to borrow Vecino's rake anymore...because he made me one for my very own!!! How lucky am I? He even made it nicer than his, used smoother wood, so I wouldn't get splinters...

We are so truly blessed to have such great neighbors! 

I did some clean up inside the fence as well, got these plastic baskets in Charapoto to organize my driftwood, I wanted the holes, so the baskets would drain if it rained, and more air circulation.

I clearly need some more, and would like to have Manuel build a shelf unit to house them. Bought some other plastic hinged lid boxes to organize the inside crafty stuff too. Paint, beads, fabric, trim, it's coming together, and hopefully a sewing machine will be in my possession soon! One of our friends has an extra, that she said I could purchase "on time", because we are all living on a budget, isn't that nice of her? Blessed...we did something right, somewhere along the way...

So stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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  1. Although it is generally tough to clean the shores of beaches, you did an excellent job in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. It also very interesting that you made a makeshift rake out of a cement block with nails as the teeth of the rake. That is truly genius, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the experience!

    Alison Norman @ PowerBoss