Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today's the day

Today is Carnavale, we were warned that it was to be crazy insane. We did loose power Monday midnight and it came on about noon, losing power meant loosing the floor fan, but other than that we weren't too bothered, coffee made on the gas stove, no worries. Flexible. Sunday We walked thru town and down the Malecon towards the old stomping ground, San Alejo, that WAS crazy insane. So glad we don't live there anymore, life would REALLY have been disrupted. The tide turns out to be high in the afternoon, so after the beach is gone, the partiers party on the Malecon. Bus traffic had to be diverted and getting a car thru is very slow going.

So many vendors, both food and jewelry/clothing. Beer tents, shaved ice carts and grill carts roaming the Malecon, activity everywhere. Car stereos competing with each other, honking horns and so much whistling. 

We were able to take our coffee at low tide this morning and see the beach as it was just waking up. It wasn't until noon yesterday that the beach infront of our house got full. Today will be another big beach day, and then tomorrow it should be back to normal. (Being our first, we will have to wait and see)

Tents at Crucita, across the Boca (mouth of the river)

Tents on the stretch of beach between the Boca and San Jacinto, never seen this many tents in this area before.

CottonCandy vendor on the beach out in front of our house, not something you see everyday...

The fishermen built a restaurant, that turned out to be great! Shrimp ceviche to days in a row, the yummiest I've ever had, really! Had drinks the other night with them, after the kitchen closed, Ramon, Fernando and Raphael are the fishermen we see everyday, and now we know the wives too. Very good neighbors! Vecino Bueno! 

Before and after its paint job, and our view from inside looking out, at our house.

Went into town last night, none of my pictures turned out tho, so we will try it again tonight. There was a bandstand set up, and I heard the band start around 10pm, but it wasn't loud enough to keep us awake, and once Mike woke up at 2am, he said it was quiet. San Jacinto just turns out to be a quieter, more tranquil kind of party. If you want wall to wall bodies, so loud your ears (almost) bleed, and paint/foam fights, go to San Clemente, they have the crazy.

So, like I said, since this is our first Carnavale, we have to wait and see, can't take anyone's word for how it will be, since we are all wired so differently. So far, if we want crazy we know where to find it. But stay tuned, because the adventure continues!

Walking the beach with "our dog". 

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