Sunday, February 22, 2015

Quiet and tranquil

The last post was awaiting the Grand Finale of Carnivale 2015, well, we missed it! The big finale was Monday night with the bandstand and dancing, Tuesday proved to be mostly people packing up and heading home. Tuesday evening we went to El Centro, thinking we would get pizza from one of the vendors, and his stand was still there, but he was closed. Now, I can't even remember what we did instead, maybe came home for leftovers, humph...guess it wasn't that exciting, haha. All in all, it wasn't too disrupting for us, and we rather enjoyed it. (We did hear thru Facebook the attendance in San Clemente was about half from previous years)

Our fishermen, back at it, they had a nice couple days off to spend with family. Except of course Fernando and Ramon who worked so hard at the restaurant. You can see the family, wife and children come down to see the men off, and get some beach play time. They pack up and go home at dark, and I'm sure those little kids sleep well.

Otra perro, our "other" dog, resting in the shade. We had a scare the other night and thought we saw her dead on the beach, and had a very rough night, being sad and mourning. Some time in the night I heard her "security bark" and realized she was probably alive, but I couldn't be sure until daylight. Needless to say she got lots of hugs, kisses and pets in the morning when she came galloping up to the fence. We realized our lives are better with her in it, and we will take her under our care. She'll never be a sleep in the bed kind of dog, but we can do more for her than we have been. One thing is building her a dog house, when we get Manuel back next week, it'll be one of his projects.

Speaking of dogs, look who we ran into on a walk the other day.

It's the one I named Patsy, he has been adopted, and was walking with his person. Stopped long enough to pose and gets some love, but knew where he lived and headed his direction after our greeting. Here is his before picture, taken probably in August.

His skin is so much better, still has some patchy hair, but I'm sure the hair will come. Such a difference, a little food, or in his case medicinal baths, but love and attention can make. You can tell he's happy, just by his ears! It was great to see him, and I pray he has a good long life. 

So life is back to normal, quiet and tranquil, just like we like it. Beach walks, shell collecting, puttering around the house and yard, meeting new neighbors, learning spanish, eating healthy and soaking up some vitamin D. (sorry to all you knee deep in winter) Not sure what today, or tomorrow holds, but it'll probably be tranquilo, so stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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