Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our small town

For some time I've been wanting to take pictures of our favorite stores, so our family and friends can really see what our life is like. When I mention Joffrey our hardware store friend, you'll know what his store looks like etc. this may be a two parter, because I still have not gotten around to every store and got a clear picture, but I wanted to get a post written, it's been almost a week, so here goes...

Our front yard, that is, outside our fence is boat parking and beach, behind us on the street are these little houses. (Look at that beautiful,blue sky)

Two short blocks into the Centro, and we have Gino (his adult sister, and two teenage daughters) who own and work the "Bread store". Gino is the baker, and many of the towns men hang out in the evening, especially if there's a game on (he has a large TV). I buy rice by the pound here, sometimes eggs, and an onion or two, but bread almost everyday. (Recently got new paint job getting ready for Carnivale)

On the same side of the street, but down a block to the East, is Joffrey's hardware, next door his nephew Andrew's little bar/hang out, and the shoe repair (who also is getting fresh paint).

And the inside of Joffreys store. It's two steps down, and so hot in that store, Ugh, but Joffrey sits in there watching tv (sometimes Bonanza reruns) or he sits outside with his nephew at the cerveza bar next door. 

Across the street from the shoe repair is the bank, where we use the ATM, $300 limit on withdrawals, and pay our internet bill ($25). Further down on that side of the street there is one of our hamburger places, we lovingly call Condiment Burger, they open after 5:30pm, and are a very nice married couple. Another couple hardware stores, a hotel, water place, where you order water truck delivery, haven't totally explored that couple blocks yet. Cross the street from the bank and we have where our fruit truck parks on Friday mornings.

The red painted building on the corner is a small pharmacy, and then one of our weekly haunts, Gordito's Chicken, yum!

His beautiful wife helping us this particular day. We get a large roasted chicken (only after 2:30pm), cucumber tomato salad, and patacones (which not even the street dogs will usually eat) for $12, we eat probably four meals off that chicken. Last week I made terriyaki chicken and stir fry, and the week before that I did bbq sauce pulled chicken with Mac and cheese, yum! So to get your bearings, this chicken place is across the street from Joffreys.

Standing at Gordito's, looking East, and looking West

In this block there is Marcos restaurant, we've yet to eat there, usually only open for lunch, seafood and typical Ecuadorean fare. The funeral home, another pharmacy (red and white sign in the picture below) run by Sister Gladys and the nuns, they also schedule trucks and cars for hire, and recharge minutes on the cell phones. Next door to her is another bread guy, very good bread but not quite sure his hours, very hit or miss, he does special order cakes tho, so someday...

And on the corner is Jenny's, nice selection of veggies during the week, cilantro even and very nice couple who own/run it. Haven't perused everything in there, I already have a Mini Mart, almost one stop shop down a side street, but I'm starting to give Jenny more business, we can spread the love.

Now these buildings are across the street from Gino the bread man, behind the truck (those are gas tanks) is Mama's she is our beer and wine lady. A better picture is needed for sure. A couple dress stores, novelties, usually everything from beach mats to flip flops, not so much housewares, but misc. and next door to the turquoise place is Ali's.

Ali is only open for dinner, so he didn't have his tables, chairs and grill out yet, but we sometimes eat here once a week, $3.50 gets your choice of chicken, beef or pork with rice and lentils, and cervezas are Muy frio. (Very cold)

That's about it for our tour, the place is getting spruced up for carnivale, fresh paint and new planters, as seen in the above photo.

This will provide seating, and hopefully the restaurants and stores will keep them nicely planted. More another time, there is still a whole section of town we have yet to explore. It's summer now, so hotter than what we've had so far, mid 80's and our walks don't take us far from the beach breezes, but one of these days we'll start to explore the inland area neighborhoods, so stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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  1. Thanks for the town tour, enjoyed it!