Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Time flies

Gosh over a week since my last post, where does the time go? The days just drain away, and next thing I know it's time for the fruit truck, or the egg man...what have we been up to this week? Let me look around...

We've been spending a lot of time outside, the weather has been getting hotter, so outside is the place to be. (Our little thermometer in the house said 90 the other day) I've been wanting to do outdoor shelves, and got this idea from Pinterest, had Mike help and we think they turned out good for first attempt.

Sitting outside with coffee the other morning, and had this visitor in the vacant lot next door. Never know what's going to turn up at the beach...

We took the bus to Bahia the other day, did some shopping "in the BIG city", bought another box fan, a new kitchen clock (because even tho we have little on our schedule, I still like to know what time it is) Mike got some new sunglasses, and I bought a couple sundresses with Christmas money. We had a good day, and got to see one of the new signs, apparently there is another one on the ocean side, next time.

That's about our life, lounging here there and everywhere...

We had an impromptu party out front with the fishermen the other day, enjoyed an afternoon talking with a couple guys we'd not spent time with before. We also invited our Manta family to the house for a beach day San Jacinto style this coming Saturday, looking forward to that.

Carnivale is next month, and I'm trying to get some crafty things made to sell to the tourists, so enough blog, I gotta get busy! Thanks for tuning in, stay tuned...the adventure continues!


  1. Thank you for the blog. I am moving to Ecuador with my wife and sons this fall, so your posts are very informative in trying to figure out what life will be like for us there. Can you recommend any forum or group we can join to ask some basic questions about expat life there? Thanks!

  2. I'm glad you found my blog, as for recommendations...without knowing where in Ecuador you will settle, I don't have any. Check Facebook, I have a friend who heads Ecuador or Bust Facebook page, but be warned lots of expats love these pages for snarky comments. Good luck, feel free to comment again