Thursday, June 18, 2015

There's a new boat in town

How exciting! We have a new edition to our little fishing fleet, our friend Fernando Father Fisherman has himself a new boat. His son, Robinson (who the boats are named after) is of the age, where I thought the new boat might be his, but they only have the one motor, so the new boat trumps the old one.

The maiden voyage, they tried to get me to go out with them (woulda been cute in a sundress) but I opted to stay on land and snap pictures. They had the boat full of our fishermen neighbors, and trolled around the cove for a couple minutes before bringing it to shore again.

Look at the grin on Fernando's face, can you tell who the proud papa is? I actually saw the building of this boat in John Macdonalds blog, so I felt like I knew it when it showed up on my beach! 

Above is the link to the post.

This past week they were back to using the old boat, they had rigged it to be a shrimper, and had large bamboo poles sticking out the sides. I think the old boat has taller sides, or maybe they just didn't want to attach anything to the new boat. But last night they were back to normal, pescado fishing.

Another gift, from a successful shrimp catch. These were small to medium, perfect for shrimp cocktail (thanks mom for bringing horseradish) and a delicious shrimp and avocado salad we had for lunch yesterday. We make sure the boats aren't fooled with, give out bags for the fishermen to share their catch with the helpers and all around are good neighbors, so we will continue to get gifts from them. They like us here, like to show off and enjoy the fact that we are loving their country and loving life. And we do! 

This is the other new boat, Ramon and his son Patricio added this to the fleet back in April, again only one motor, but it's fun to see a boy come up the ranks, Patricio is pretty special, a great young man! Who knows when the next new boat will show up, it means business is good, and that makes us smile, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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