Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One year Anniversary in Ecuador

Wow! What a long strange trip it's been...we've had our ups and downs, but we wouldn't trade it for anything! We now have a great little beach cottage, fishermen neighbors that we love, wonderful little town that we adore, and it's Todo Bien! (Everything's good)

If you're just joining us, 18 or so days before flying from Atlanta to Quito, I broke my ankle, so when we arrived (4 massive suitcases, 2 small chihuahuas, 2 crutches and 1 wheelcháir) it wasn't easy. Time and fresh air healed my ankle, and I've been mobile for most of the year, thank goodness. Ecuador is a wild and untamed place, and not a place for crutches or wheelchairs! 

We are house sitting our friends house at the Mouth of the River, La Boca and on Friday my mom and stepdad come for what will be our first visitors. The house has guest suites downstairs, and the folks will be staying there, the house sitting just made the timing even better. We all get to stay together at beautiful Casa WF, and then Marty and Jaime come home so there will be some overlap, and they'll get to meet the Fam. 

This mornings sunrise over the Mangroves, to the rear of the property...

And a rainbow out front! Can you see why we love the Ecuador Coast so much? We have an expat in town who has started an "unofficial weather station" and he just posted on Facebook it's 78F, beautiful!

Low tide is 9am, so we will walk to our beach cottage, do some things there, meander into town for groceries and fresh bread, then come back to Casa WF for a dip in the pool. It's a beautiful place here, but I miss my fishermen neighbors, it'll be nice to see their smiling faces today. Well everyone, a year has come and gone, our tans are deep, our spanish vocabulary getting bigger, our attitudes have mellowed and overall our hearts are happy, so stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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