Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mangrove project Part 1

Sometime in May our friends at the Boca (mouth of the PV River) told us of some construction going on behind their house in the mangroves. It was several weeks before we ever saw anything other than these pilons, but over the past 5 months things have really progressed! This is the architect and job foreman, there was a crew of maybe six, a truck dropped them off every morning with their tools and supplies.  While we house sat (June 1-15) we watched them everyday, watched the wives bring lunch and the children to eat with the men, and they always waved and said good morning or evening.

Then on top of the footings, multiple walkways were built.

At this point, we learned it was an Observation Platform, something about being able to watch the river, the mangroves and wildlife. This is the view one would see from the deck.

There were some weeks that nothing was being done, and we thought the project was abandoned, but when they came back to work, we found out they had been called to another job. All is well, the project will be finished...and added to...a Zip line!? That's what they said, a zip line to where? The mangroves on the other side of the river? Then what?! So many questions...still unanswered, but we wait.

This sign was finally placed on the main road to educate the public. And we saw this on Facebook.

The project continued, more and more wood was brought in for the railings, and we could kinda tell what it was going to look like, a lot of speculation and sneaking over after the workers left to check on progress.

Of course the workers had tide issues the whole time, and when the ocean threatened to wash away their small piece of beach, they took it in stride, always a smile and a wave! Phase one is finally complete, stay tuned! The Mangrove project and the adventure continues!

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