Monday, March 2, 2015

A little this and a little that

I just went thru my camera roll and deleted 94 pictures. How many pictures of beautiful sunsets does one person need...hehee (again, sorry to those of you who are suffering cold winter weather, Not!)

This is from about a month ago, these little guys flew over several times, many times we thought they would crash. (Actually, it was before Carnavale, you can see the restaurant isn't built yet)

Veronica playing on the new Cesped, which we will certainly get more of, next time we go to PortoViejo.

A picture of high tide, the King Tide happened in February, but we had no problems. We could tell the fishermen weren't worried, they took no extra precautions, so we knew we had nothing to worry about. At the highest, the ocean did splash on those rocks.

Kids game area set up for Carnavale.

Good morning, and the catch of the day. Never a dull moment out in front of our little beach house.

Evidence of the "rainy season". These hills are greener than I've ever seen them. Even the vacant lot next door to us has sprouted a lush green carpet of weeds. In Idaho we averaged 13" of rain a year, NC was 44" and this part of the coast of Ecuador was listed as getting 45" a year. (That didn't seem to be a deal breaker back in NC doing research on where to move) Granted it all happens in about three months, but as noted from those who came before us, it usually rains at night. We have found this to be true, it'll rain two nights a week, maybe three, sometimes spilling into the morning hours, but I can only think of one day that was really rainy all day, and it was a welcome change.

Mike's shell art installation in the living room. Turned out better than we had hoped. Looks especially stunning on the turquoise wall, and with the splash of orange with the starfish, love it! Maybe today we will get back into the shells, we've got plenty that need to be cleaned, sorted and bagged. 

Found this, and it has turned into our mantra. Not everybody can handle all this tranquilness, but we sure are gonna try. My freezer is full of fresh fruit from yesterday's market, and smoothies are in our very near future (I use the fruit frozen instead of using ice cubes). Low tide will be perfect with our morning coffee tomorrow, and Tuesday or Wednesday we will have friends for happy hour and dinner while enjoying yet another beautiful sunset, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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