Thursday, November 6, 2014

Working on the wall

For some time now, the big earth movers have been anxiously waiting for low tide, so they can go down and scoop up rocks. The wall doesn't appear much different from the road, but from down on the beach we could see a lot. (Photo credit our neighbor Lyndell)

We awoke to no power this morning, so we decided to walk on the beach since it was low tide. We were out about an hour, then the sun started to break free of the marine layer and we realized we needed sunscreen. We went back to the house and even though the power was back on, since we had the beach all to ourselves, we took our coffee and the pups out for more more beach time.

We took bags for shell collecting and walked about 2 miles to the south. I've had these pictures awhile, waiting for a post, and today is it. Down towards the Boca (mouth of the river meets the ocean) there are ruins, sea wall and house ruins. The ocean does what it wants, and apparently back in 1983, the ocean wanted this house.

This sea wall didn't stand the test of time, I wonder how the one they are using now will fare? What we noticed about the rock sea wall, is that instead of making the wall taller, they are widening the base of it.

The tide is back, and the earth movers are gone, til tomorrow when they will scoop more rocks to build up the base of the sea wall. Since we enjoyed having our coffee out there this morning so much, we will do it again tomorrow, maybe I'll remember the camera and can post some more pictures.

In container news:
I thought I had a lawyer working on lifting the abandonment of our container, every week I emailed for an update and she said she would find out. Finally last week, after a full month and then some I got nasty, and she confided in me that her "go to" person in Guayaquil had...disappeared! WHAT?! She said she would see if she could find someone else, but in the mean time I should look for someone else she wasn't liable for any delay. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

So, here I am back to the beginning...AGAIN. I give up, the Pirates have won.  I don't know what to do, find another attorney? Another month of fees has accrued, that's put us at a grand total of $8820!  I'm wrung out, can't fathom getting out from under this now, I'm thinking better to just start saying it was stolen by bandits!  Call that chapter closed...move on. We do have hope for getting residency with the rental income from our property in the States, after months of "people in the know" telling us we'd never qualify, a trip to the Immigration office in Manta says try it. The other rental property has gone on the market and fingers crossed it will sell quickly. If it sells before our notarizations and apostilles from the States, we can use the proceeds to gain our investors residency.

We really love Ecuador, the weather, the beach, the food, the people, the slower way of life, simpler way of living, LOVE IT. We want to explore other South American  countries, but we really want to put roots down here first. The climate here is perfect, I got enough fall colors and pumpkins on Facebook, and I won't miss the snow and ice, not one bit. Below freezing temperatures are a thing of the past for this beach bunny!

So stay tuned, our South American adventure is NOT over, it continues one cup of coffee on the beach at a a time. 

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  1. The saga of your container situation continues im sorry to hear. Maybe its "FUBAR".
    Do hope things end one way or the other so you can move on.