Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lawyers and lunch

What a difference a day can make! From no hope, to an appointment with a bank to get our bank bond. So here's what happened after my last post, the lawyer, Catalina, said we could do the bank bond with as little as $1000, she was getting the savings account all set up over the phone, and basically it sounds like all we have to do is show up with $100 cash, to open the account and copies of all documents. We chose the bank in Manta, so we could use Fernando as translator, he said he'll go with us anytime. So we open the savings account in the Ecuadorean bank with $100 cash, then we can do a wire transfer from our Wells Fargo bank in the States. 

Getting money here, turns out to be more of an ordeal than we are used to. One of those things, it is what it is...we got money out of an ATM (turns out it was this bank) and the limit was $200, they didn't charge me anything for doing it, but Wells Fargo charged me $2.50 for using a "non Wells Fargo ATM". The next time we used an ATM, it was at a mall, the limit was $100, they charged $2.00 AND we got hit with the $2.50 from Wells Fargo. Not much, but if you were getting out $400 for rent, that would be $18.00. We've heard the best way is to do large wire transfers, and now that we'll have an Ecuadorean bank account, we can do that. I'm sure there's a fee for that too, but it's bound to be better.

So, back to the lawyer, we need a copy of our rental contract, a utility bill for that property, copy of landlords ID, copies of our passports, and visas. And copies of current bank statements, these are for the bank account, but also to show Customs that we have a long term plan, we aren't a flight risk after we get our belongings. The $1000 will be frozen at the bank, until we have been granted residency, and we have a lady to help us with that, but one thing at a time.

Now lunch! This is apanado (breaded) dorado, and frito (fried) dorado. (Dorado is the kind of fish, pescado is the word for fish) We get one order of each and split. The "fried" is more seared, and the "breaded" is more fried, but very lightly, both are excellent. Everything is dressed with fresh lime and the flavors explode in your mouth! The other night we went for dinner, and got French fries...what?! They were the first we'd had since leaving the states, and were probably the best we'd EVER eaten, so we asked for some, papa frits.

Dredged in a little flour, very lightly fried, they must bake them first, I don't know but they're yummy. The fish plates are $4.50, the side of fries was probably $1, and the restaurant has tiki style awnings covered in Palm fronds, it's very cute, right across from the ocean. I'll have to take a picture next time we are down the Malecon. It's called Rimini's.

I just checked Facebook, I'd posted a request for a standard Ecuadorean rental contract, In case Dave didn't have one, and there was one waiting for me in my inbox. Angels are everywhere!

And on that note, I will say adios. Stay tuned, you know there's more adventure to come!

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