Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yard sale

I have touched every item we own, either putting it aside for the yard sale or packing it to ship. We had great traffic on Friday, sold half the electronics, and lots of interest on the cars and house. Saturday we didn't have near the traffic, but... The yard sale was a great success, we made over $2000 AND sold the car for blue book value! We still have quite a bit of stuff, something's we are still using ( couch, lawn mower, coffee pot, microwave) so we will have another one day sale May 10th. Will put our lowest prices on things, and clear out. We will use Mikes car til we fly to Boise and Long Beach to visit the family, then sell it and get a rental for the last couple weeks. We can drop the rental off at the Atlanta airport befor we board the plane, and Adios!

Now that the yard sale is over, (the house is gutted,) I need to continue packing the things I can, organize them in the garage, and work on other projects. We have a bathroom remodel to do, that'll be fun, we already bought the new cabinet/vanity at IKEA. Need to look at Lowes for flooring, and start demo. We want to paint the kitchen cabinets, and finish some shelves in the laundry room, then it'll be ready for pictures. The property management company will come in and take them, to start the rental process. They post on Zillow, and make applicants pay to apply, do background/income checks and will get the right people to rent. Would love it to be rented for June 1st, but it wouldn't kill us if it wasn't.

The yard is still a mess, and we have a puppy play date scheduled for this afternoon, so I better get busy. But in 48'll be nothing but relaxing!! Hasta maƱana !

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